Within the ,,Supporting Entrepreneurial Education in Eastern Europe” Program financed by agency of the U.S.Agency for International Development implemented in the Republic of Moldova by Junior Achievement Moldova, was unfolded tarining for two days during 12-13 august for 70 teachers which make one is option for teaching program School Company or School Minifirm begining with the  2017-2018 school year which are two of the programs from optional Curriculum Economic and Entrepreneurial Education.

The School Company is a laboratory of economic and entrepreneurial activity that expresses the practical meaning of many theoretical principles. Students work together to apply these principles to solving real business issues.

The company's mission is to support entrepreneurship education in the Republic of Moldova and to provide an additional opportunity for students to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

Within the Company, there is a business idea that involves choosing a product or service and testing the product or service on the market for which it is intended by going through several stages.

At the opening training event we had Ms.Corina Lungu, senior consultant at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Ms. Beth Brownson, USAID Program Officer in Moldova, Rodina Miron, USAID Project Manager in Moldova and Ms. Laurentia Filipschi, Executive Director of Junior Achievement Moldova.

In quality of teachers trainers was Ms Eugenia Ciutac, Ms. Natalia Iacob and Ms. Galina Bugenko. And our colleagues from Junior Achievement Romania - Dorin Calin and Victor Dumitrache - also participated in the exchange of good practices in training.