Calinesti Economic Discussion Club


“…You cannot achieve success if you don’t fail”, “…The most important thing is to be independent”,

“An entrepreneur must be confident, inventive, innovative and must be able to find appropriate

solutions for the society's problems" - these were some of the ideas of the 32 students from the lyceum

"George Vrabie" from Călineşti, Falesti that attended on the 3rd of April an Economic discussion Club

entitled "Democracy and Entrepreneurship".

The participants were interested in the topics discussed with the invited entrepreneur, who managed to

motivate some of them, to know the basics of the market economy, in terms of democratic principles, to

open their own business.

The pupils, being 16-18 years old, 15 girls and 17 boys, have raised questions referred directly to him,

such as "How to choose the profession", "What are the steps to start your own business", " Where can I

apply for various grants to support young entrepreneurs "," Which business ideas are attractive "and"

What are the obstacles of developing a successful business. "

In another activity, participants, with the facilitator, discussed in detail the concepts of democracy and

entrepreneurship, about the image of a successful entrepreneur, the image of a person that promotes

democratic values, ​​about symbols of democratic principles and entrepreneurship education.

"Being an entrepreneur means to know well the area where you want to prosper, whether it is

beekeeping, horse breeding etc. Also, besides knowledge, an entrepreneur must possess several skills

such as: responsibility, innovative spirit, devotion, commitment, volunteering, responsiveness"

concluded the students.

"Thanks to this club, I found more information about starting and developing a business, training of

young specialists, about democratic values," said Dumitru Chiruta, one of the participants.

Finally, it was emphasized that such activities are welcome, as they are discussed in their complexity,

not only theoretically but also practically, through various interactive and didactic methods:

brainstorming, group work, discussions, games and so on.

The club is part of the project with the same title, implemented by Junior Achievement Moldova, with

the financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova.