Mission and history

History and Mission

Junior Achievement is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to motivate and prepare the younger generation to assert a successful market economy.

Junior Achievement is activates in Moldova since 1995 and is a member of JA Worldwide www.ja.org and of the Regional Centre in Brussels, JA-YE Europe www.ja-ye.org. JA Worldwide is the largest and most dynamic organization oriented to economic and entrepreneurial education, being present in 123 countries.

From the organization’s registration, over 195,000 students and 1800 teachers attended the JA Moldova programs of entrepreneurial training. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova and the Foundation “Sturza Family”, JA Moldova is offered in 130 schools and colleges in the country, where about 8000 students from the 1st to the 12th grade benefit both from classroom teaching activities and various extracurricular activities, such as economy contests, school fairs, summer camps, etc.

In economical education programs offered by Junior Achievement the teacher and the pupils learn by actions. By the activities of ”learning by doing” held in class and by the interaction with volunteer consultants from business community, young people acquire essential skills for life, experience unique opportunities to participate in international competitions of the programs, belonging to educational and professional global network. In present the organization’s educational offer contains 19 programs for all the age levels from 1-12.

JA economic education programs cultivate thinking applied to reality, a positive attitude towards life, sense of initiative and involvement in community life. Through computer simulations or in the classroom, role play scenarios, doing case studies, students learn experiencing real life roles: consumer, employee, entrepreneur.

JA Moldova can be implemented in one of the following ways:


Auxiliary at compulsory courses

During the class at school

Optional class

Junior Achievement Moldova offers:


Free annual trainings (trainings of formation and improvement) for teachers who are involved in economic and entrepreneurial education programs or those who want to be involved in JA programs Moldova;

Exchange of experience with European partners in project based travel (all expenses are paid by the organization);

FREE teaching support (books, pupil’s copybook, teacher’s guide, teacher’s envelope, games, posters).

Curriculum developed by JA Moldova and approved by the Ministry of Education of RM;

The opportunity to participate in the events organized by JA Moldova for pupils nationally and internationally.


The opportunity to participate in international competitions within the programs (online stimulation titan, European Company of the Year Competition) ;

Belonging to a global educational and professional network;

Students acquire essential skills for life, unique experiences;

Support for teachers;

The opportunity to participate in national events for young people in the program (National Company of the Year Competition, Economical contest, Job Shadow Day, innovation camp, Meetings with business representatives.)