Sincere congratulations on the anniversary of 20 years! More and more, successes in continuation, you were the first to have opened the Europe's door for young Moldovans, you familiarized and schooled in the mysteries and the prospects of a world unknown to them, the world of entrepreneurship and modern economy. Through Junior Achievement Moldova,”creative games,, passed hundreds and thousands future professionals savings. Bravo, for all you have done and do for students of Moldova. Health to you and those who stood at the head of creation of society.

CHELARU Ion, profesor, or. Ungheni

   Regarding the importance of Junior Achievement Moldova programs, I want to focus on applied Economy and School Campaign. How you know, Financial-Banking College from Chisinau prepares accountants and economists in the field of finance.  During their studies they are prepared in such domains as: accounting, finance, marketing, management and insurances. The programs of applied economy contains subjects and also a set of didactic methods that contribute  to a better perception of specialized areas for our students so our students performing at level of awareness of what they learn, the skills training needed by future specialists.

           We have practice of basic training without this content and I want to assure you that in those conditions, it is those enrolled in basic secondary education, although students had a fairly high level of intelligence, but compared to those who studied applied economy, does not meet the requirements that are advancing in the specialty items. Neither economic theory, in the form requesting competitions in economy, which can contribute to economic offers training in applied economy. Form of exposure inductive string of examples, especially in older textbooks; give opportunity to see inside the theoretical contents all our students studying later, let alone case studies contribute to a better understanding of the more sophisticated theories. Experience American didactics is one useful considering the current changes in the world.

Ana Nagy Moldovan,

Professor of economy

Financial-Banking College from  Chișinau