Thanks to companies and institutions that invest in education, sustaining Junior Achievement Moldova's efforts to expand its programs into a bigger and bigger number of schools. Thanks to their contribution, the young people benefit from new opportunities for economic education, entrepreneurial and professional guidance, meant to provide them skills needed in the real economy. 



METRO Cash & Carry Moldova is part of the sales divisions of METRO Cash & Carry and was launched in the Republic of Moldova in December 2004, opening the first store in Chisinau. At the end of 2006 in the Republic of Moldova there were 3 stores: Chisinau 1, Chisinau 2 and Balti, with a total selling space of 19,000 sqm and over 25.000 of food and non-food articles, sold in each store. As many as 680 employees are working now in METRO Cash & Carry Moldova.

The foundation " Family Sturza " 

The Foundation's mission "Sturza family" is to support and promote personal and community development, through programs of assistance and cooperation, especially for disadvantaged groups, to cultivate the spirit of initiative, the civic activism and a pronounced social responsibility.

Rompetrol Moldova

Leader in the regional oil field, Rompetrol is a multinational company with activities in 13 countries and having a strong operational base in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea region. The complexity and the number of the executed projects globally along time, made Rompetrol the best known romanian brand internationally.


Academia de Studii Economice a Moldovei


StarNet is one of the leaders in informational technology and electronic communications in Moldova. The company offers a wide range of next-generation services required in every home and every business: fast Internet access and data transport over optical fiber, fixed telephony NGN through new generation networks, digital television interactive with revolutionary options, licensed solutions of protection for computers, Wi-fi metropolitan network, corporate networks, Data Center services, IP transit services to other operators etc.

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova
In all countries where it is present, the company operates within a "Coca-Cola System". In the Republic of Moldova, the System is represented by Coca-Cola Bottling Chisinau, which ensures the import, distribution and sale of Coca-Cola products, production and bottling being carried out by factories in Romania and Ukraine, after the closure of the factory in Chisinau in 2014.  
With an experience of 20 years, Moldova Agroindbankis strengthening its position in the banking market in Moldova, confirming every year, the results obtained, the title of leader of the country's banking sector.

Victoriabank is the First Commercial Bank in Moldova, which initiated the process of development of a banking system in Moldova since December 22, 1989! Victoriabank is the leader in implementation of new technologies, representing the First Bank to work with bank cards, as the First to bring automatic cash terminals to Moldova, along with other innovative products and services that have not been implemented by then..

Linella Company was founded on 17 October 2001. The company's goal is to be the first choice of clients in terms of domestic products, traditional Moldovan food, fresh products and service at the highest level, all offered in the most friendly and pleasant environment possible
Commoda wasestablished in 2010 from a desire to implement the educational background of young managers and IT technicians.

Voiaj International specializes in booking and issue air tickets, collaborating with national and international air companies. Over 15 years, the International Travel ranked the leader on the tourist market of Moldova and created a stable company reputation, reliable, on numerous occasions demonstrated its customers that the agency's major goal is the full satisfaction of the requirements of its customers.


Company I. M. "EECA" Ltd. provides advisory services primarily to businesses and private and foreign-owned institutions or NGOs.


Partners of previous years:

Liechtenstein Development Service (LED )

Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) focuses its work in the education sector. In addition to financing projects and monitoring, LED implements, their own project called PPT Consolidation of Technical Vocational Training System in Moldova.