My trip to the world of economics started with my studies at the Center Excellence in the Economy and Finance and exactly with the Applied Economics course from Junior Achievement Moldova program. Thanks to this course as well as professionalism of teacher Ana Nagy –Moldovan, I met the ,,Queen of Social Science”- Economics.

The complex world of the economy was able to perceive it much better once I started participating in the "School Company" program, guided with skill and dedication by Ms. Galina Bugenko. Another opportunity offered by the Junior Achievement Moldova projects was the participation like mentor of at the workshop "Your idea of today - your business for tomorrow", where we contributed to the development of the young people's economic perception through education.

The experience of these projects confirmed to me that success involves discipline, training and hard work. At the same time, the amalgam of knowledge obtained offered me "wings" in the professional field, currently acting as expert-accountant in the First Audit International SA, providing economic and tax consultancy to economic agents.

In this way, I would like to thank the JAM team for the most profitable and important investment they make in the field of economic education, giving students the opportunity to discover the unexplored pockets and, last but not least, advising them to take advantage of the chance which is offered to them.

Denis got a start in life thanks to Junior Achievement Moldova. For the first time, being a 10th grade student, he became acquainted with the basics of economics, studying the optional course “Applied Economics”. This science so dominated him that Denis immediately decided to link his life with the economy. He worked hard, annually participated in national competitions and won prizes. The victory at the Olympiad of 2013 became a triumph when Denis Mischishin, a student of the 12th grade, won the Premiul Mare and personally the rector of ASEM, Mr. Grigory Belostechnik, invited him to continue his studies at the Academy. In 2016, Denis successfully graduated from ASEM with a degree in finance and banks.

Since Denis was a promising student, he immediately after defending his diploma was offered a job as an accountant at the Artmobila enterprise. He agreed, assuming to get the first practical skills, and later to become an accountant at the enterprise. Six months later, Denis realized that dreams of becoming a first-class expert in the field of economics, finding his own way, cannot be realized here.

During the month continued the painful search for work. He didn’t want to find a job easier, he was looking for a job on his specialty, since personal development was always in the first place, not the salary. And he believed that it was development that will bring success and great profits in the future.

And then a miracle happened! Thanks to communication with teachers and graduates of ASEM, Denis learned about the job of an economist in the planning and economic department of the international company “LUKOIL-Moldova”. After an interview with the head of the department during the week he got acquainted with the official duties and he was hired!

From June 2017 to the present day, Denis works in the company “LUKOIL-Moldova”. The field of activity is diverse and requires deep, diverse knowledge. This includes an analysis of the economic situation in the country, an analysis of the activities of various departments of the company, whose data are used in drawing up the budget and other economic indicators.

Denis is not going to stop there, he continues economic self-education, improves the skills of the programmer. He loves his country and Chisinau became native. He often visits the lyceum and shares his life experience with students. He is a happy man! And he never doubted his choice of profession!

To become a successful man its very important to pass all the educationl staps by providing. That's about what I did, after the graduted the lyceum I continued my studies at the Business Administration at the Acamedy of Economic of Studies of Molodva . Through accumulation economical and entrepreneurial knowledge by the lesson from economy from lyceum and university I achive for a short time to founded my own business. I want to mention that the profession of entrepreneur is not a easy but throuh hardworking and perseverance and by overcoming several obstacles you can to enjoy the successful. Is not easy but its possible. So I want to recommend for teenagers who studing the economy and entrepreneurial programs to read a lot, to get involved and to overcome stings , just through involvement you can to achive a result and to create your future at your home. Also I want to recommend you to get inspire from people who achive in the life. For me I was inspired by Brian Tracy, his books encourge me, gave me power and knowledge.

Brian Tracy is a worldwide expert in personal and professional development with more than 50 years of experience. He told is do you want to eat a elephant you need to eat for a small pieces. This elephant its your aim in the life. To touch a big goal you need to work every day a little bit on and finally you will achive what you have planned. I really liked the answer to the question which I have addressed : MR Brain What do you appreciate at the people?

Answer: Trust , without trust you do anything.

So if you belive in your self and in the people wich you work, will get a result.

Five advice which I recommend for every young people:

1) Read a lot what do you like, but no what someone tell you and so you will loves books. Successful people have a big library at home, but those who don’t have the successful have a big TV at home.

2) Be careful when you chose your friend because for those around you represent 50% of your success.

3) Learn foreing languages basic English, because if you grow seriously you will need communication with other nationalities. English is the language of world affairs.

4) Travel as much as possible.

5) Practice the sports and healthy life.

In a healthy body there is a healthy mind.

Beiu Dumitru, entrepreneur

"If you want to change the world, start with yourself"

In order to be successful, the start of a business must be based on: professional knowledge, enthusiasm, great work capacity, stress resistance and obligatory entrepreneurial knowledge - thus increasing your chances of success. The idea of having my own business appeared in adolescence, following my childhood talents when I used to gather the children from the street to do exercises together. The study of Economic and Entrepreneur Education was the discipline that gave me the basic entrepreneurial knowledge to develop a business. Today, I gather my clients for a lot of movement in the Evaśport network halls. Here you can find fitness studios and adjacent services, as well as information about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition that are indispensable to understand how the human body works. My vision is to create a happy women community due to sport and the team has a big contribution to accomplish this mission.

My business is based on specialized knowledges, the desire of making women healthier and happier, on the enthusiasm and on the possibility of being financially independent. In adolescence, business education was mostly my intuition. This, of course, was better than nothing, but not enough. And from the fact I had a great lacuna at this point in the first place, it made me learn during the work process and I even had some loses.

An entrepreneur, of course, always has to learn, but to start the business without sufficient entrepreneurial education, would mean raising your risk of bankruptcy. During this time I needed to learn how to manage my time, teams, finances, how to negotiate, how to sell, how to improve the services, how to grow customers loyalty, crisis management, human resources, marketing, process management and this process will never stop. "If you want good employees, you need to raise  them!"

Because I like to make analogies between nature and business- when you start in the world of entrepreneurship it is like going hunting during the Siberian winter. Here comes just one question: will you start on the road equipped or not? Of course, it is possibile to go  unequipped - but the chances of living are minimal.

In business, you are informed, so you are armed.

Succes and never stop!

Ludmila Griţcu - founder of the fitness network - women's studios - Evaśport.