Elena Salamandic, MA School of Economics, Stockholm, JAM programs’ graduate

My experience at JA, during high school, was exciting. Lessons of economy aimed the substitutions of a big lack of school programs – the failure of everyday problems. Sincerely, at which subject could we learn about duties, differences between crude and net salary and the structure of personal budget? Because the obtained knowledge at lessons could be applied immediately in real life, I strived to develop, untimely, the habit to explain every small economic phenomenon from reality with already learned principles at lessons of economics. This habit has been transformed then in an instinct, guiding intricate decisions, as: the evaluation of  investment profitability or screening immobile  which can generate passive income.

I participated in the economic program of JA, being student at “Vasile Alecsandri” Lyceum, from Ungheni city. A very prominent  memory was the lesson with Mrs. Elena Chelaru, teacher of economy, proposed us to create a own company and to choose, by ourselves, the product that we wish to sell. Together with friends, we created bracelets in the colors of martisor (March), with a specific Romanian connotation. We were surprised when we heard that our company was chosen to participate at the Fair of Scholar Campaigns at Tallinn, Estonia. Probably this first international experience was base for my attachment for Baltic and north countries, studding economics at School of Economics, Stockholm and continuing masters in the same field in Sweden. This domain continues to fascinate me through its capacity to explain phenomena form real life and people’s behavior in specific situations.

That is way I consider that despite of student’s choice after graduation, either this is related with engineering, medicine, public administration or law, economic education during  the school is a foundation stone of education. We are submissive of everyday decisions, from making shopping till the creations of an enterprise. My advice for our students is that they have to assume total responsibility for their own financial education and to make own decisions.


Maria Vîzdoagă

     I am proud that in 2005-2007, I received entrepreneurship education program initiated by Junior Achievement Moldova, being student of the High School "Vasile Coroban" from Glodeni city. And now I remember the enthusiasm with which I and my classmates got this new object. It was something different from literary comments that we had to write or the many mathematical formulas immediate practical application of which we could not achieve. Within this discipline for the first time Maria Pântea teacher asked us to think creatively and freely, we expose our ideas and opinions in an open and unprejudiced manner. The views expressed were only encouraged and this resulted in a growing interest from students in the field of entrepreneurship education. I do not exaggerate when I reiterate safe and obvious usefulness of this program for my professional development.

 Later, I decided to continue studying at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, then I got a scholarship to perform my Master studies in the Netherlands. There, I could not noticing highly developed sense of entrepreneurship of the Dutch. They make money out of anything that moves, when our society needs a lot of entrepreneurial initiatives to develop a constructive and effective thinking. Unlike some centuries ago, we live in a time when economics dictate politics, so it is very necessary to develop a mature society regarding entrepreneurial attitude.


      Every experience in our live, has it place and role in the advent of an I. In interpersonal relationships, I - the professionalist and not least I - the man, which would comprise all. After few years passed after I finished the  high school, after I move away from University, I realize that non-formal education is more important than the formal. Now I do not regret the marks of 8 or 9 which were not 10, but some left unexploited opportunities: volunteering, competitions, artistic activities, sport and foreign languages. These give us a chance in addition to develop an intelligence with a much wider coverage and why not, a emotional one. 

      As a conclusion I draw concerning on education, I would like to mention that, for me, each additional activity that I achieved during studies, worth very much.  So, one of these experiences, it was the Junior Achievement Moldova during the years of high school. The project was pelicular: interactive lessons with teacher Maia Zlotea from the Theoretical Lyceum "Emil Nicula" of Mereni village, Anenii-Noi, full of enthusiasm, the materials used being very interesting. In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in the Republican Olympiad of economy that I have sparked my analytical spirit, interest and creativity.  I liked a lot that these lessons have stimulated me to think, to put questions and to seek for solutions. They the base for the formation of an economic way of thinking and understanding the economic, social and geopolitical phenomena.  This was my Foundation for my job that I have, and influence the point of view in many aspects of my everyday life.

      Is saying that the most difficult role and important in a child education has the first teacher. She gives a trajectory for the pen from children’s hand, also of the words and thoughts - a decisive role. Certainly, even Junior Achievement was my first economic teacher.

Marcela Cucereanu, 

Bad Debt Administrator with French language,

 at the Depot Office from Cluj-Napoca


Junior Achievement for me is an enlightening and memorable experience

Everything began with the lessons of Applied Economics with Mrs. Valentina Olaru, who spoke to us through a consummate professionalism and enthusiasm, she tempted me to tailor a professional itinerarium and to affirm myself it this field. Regionals and republicans editions of  Olympics Economy at which I participated to remain always in my memory in series of the most special moments. The performance to obtain the first place in both years, at the regional stage, and also at the republican, was as an incontestable argument for me to continue the career in economics, because I think that I have to concentrate my efforts in the domain where I am able.

Being student at the Faculty of Finance at Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM), I had the great satisfaction to involve, as volantary in Junior Achievement Activity in Moldova, and also in Estonia, in many events. I modestly contributed to offer to other youngs the opportunity to benefit of the results of this extraordinary organization, knowing how they impresed myself in the years of high school. My experience at Junior Achievement Moldova was a major ingredient to cultivate the seeds of trust in me, ambitions and tenacity, which determined me to be a student of performance and to tend always towards excellence. Thus, now I do my masters studies in Germany, not a easy mission, but nor impossible  because of the experience that I already have. I am happy that even here meat colleagues from different corners of the globe, who know about Junior Achievement and I am proud to be a small part from this sublime whole, because the status of Junior Achievement member has not shelf life. With the occasion of the anniversary of 20 years of Junior Achievement Moldova, I want to thanks the team, teachers and everyone that conbribute in this unique organization, because I felt that for them this is more than a job, it is a mission of soul.

Eugenia Oaieneagră,

Goethe University Frankfurt