I remember with enthusiasm the program of the applied economy which I followed to L.T ,,Emil Nicula" from Mereni village, Anenii Noi district. Between 2012 and 2015 with Mrs. Maia Zlotea, geography and economy teacher who taught me what means the economy and which are the principles of that science. An important experience of this session I have had at the Olympiad that I have attended at the high school. There I used in practice the knowledge from school and also I profited from an efficient and productive ambiance. I was lucky to meet young people interested in this field and even the students who had already had their business. An important event, which I remember until this day, was the summer camp in the village of Costesti, Ialoveni, organized by JA Moldova. Over the two days spent in that camp, I had the chance to meet people from our country, from different ONG and young people who exactly like me loved economy. After graduation from high school, I followed studies in France with the future function in medicine. I thought that my experience in the economy will not be helpful, but it was completely the opposite. In the first year of studies in France in addition to the medicine, I had hours of sociology, political sciences, and economics. I had a lot of work to do but I always knew that I have an object that I already know and this fact has helped me very much with my exams. The passion for the economy is still present today in myself, I follow regularly the economic news and I try to observe the changes that lead to the development of the economy. I am proud that I had the opportunity to be a part of the family of JA Moldova pupils, where I had a useful opportunity to obtain a rich set of knowledge.


Caraman Dan

Medical student in Angers, France.

It is certain that in high school I was involved in a lot of activities.  I was present at every event or volunteer activity in order to bring a small contribution to our society. I was having doubts about the future profession, like any other teenager, I was trying something out of every domain, hoping to find my way. So, when our teacher, Gira Rita, proposed us to join a course of economics, I did it with enthusiasm. Back then I did not even suspected what impact that course would have on my life. As time passed by, it didn't matter that on Friday, when you are waiting for the weekend, we had extra hours, because I was anxious to learn about how the world's economies work. I remember that moment when we were informed about the opportunity to participate at the international exhibition of school company in Tallinn, Estonia. The trip motivated us and in a short period of time we formed a team, we chose the product and even created a business plan. Our little company offered us the possibility to be a real entrepreneur, and for the first time in life, we considered entrepreneurship as a possible career. We decided to grow crystals and my room had turned into a real laboratory with tubes and chemical solutions. The days spent in Tallinn remain the most beautiful memories of high schools years. I was surrounded by young people who shared the same enthusiasm and I made a lot of friends who were passionate about their own companies. Even if you are still in high school, everything is possible as long as you believe in your ideas. The hours spent with my teachers and colleagues allowed me to discover myself and to see how a company works depending on the law of demand and supply.

I think everyone agrees that seeing  the result of their work well done is the most satisfying thing. In my case, Junior Achievement represented not only knowledge, but also skills. These skills certainly helped me to be accepted at the Stockholm Schools of Economics in Riga and to study what I like – business and economy. At the moment I am participating in a 5 week project called Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry in the Pennsylvania, SUA. It is a program where business and entrepreneurship leaders from 54 countries meet to share their knowledge and learn something new.. My learning here would not have been possible without those lessons of economy applied every Friday.

Julia Sorocan


I did my studies at the L.T. Vasile Alecsandri, in the city Ungheni, where for the first time I have learned about the "Economic and Entrepreneurial Education ” by virtue of Elena Chelaru. With this occasion, I am very grateful for the work that she has done for me the last years where I was implicated in more activities and projects organized by JA Moldova. I am very glad for the opportunity to participate at the Olympiads of Economy, where I could qualify myself to the finals organized by the "Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova". I also got a priceless experience by participating in the "School Company" project where together with my colleagues, we worked intensively to get the third rank in the competition with several high schools in the country. The summer camp at Cuhuresti de Sus, Floresti was a unique experience, I liked the summer camp program because every activity we had was based on the economic studies, we were part of the economic world with our own money and resources. It felt like a true fairytale in which the accumulation of knowledge was a pleasure and support in the future. I could say that what I have studied about the Applied Economy for those years spent in high-school helped me to achieve a lot of good results in the studies and service. With the economic studies that I already had, I decided to study at ASEM. I recommend for certain to all the students to choose the Economic and Entrepreneurial Education” even in case if your profession in the future will not be about the economy. After graduating bachelor and master program I succeded in being the top 100 Asem`s best students. At the moment I work at the BC ProCredit Bank” SA, for position Specialist Back-Office Centralized. Being part of JA Moldova you can learn a lot, you can get a unique experience, so do not miss the chance.

Mariana Bambuleac

I was very lucky to take part of the program JA Moldova, which offered me a diverse background of the knowledge and information which in the moment I apply it to everyday life. I have studied Economic and Entrepreneurship Education, in 2012, also I was one of the founder of The School Company ,,Deco-Eco-House”. In this School Company we coached to be an entrepreneur on our own, we made a decorative basket and a house of newspaper. This fact motivated me, to develop my business after graduating. Nowadays I am the owner of a grocery store, I manage with success this business and I want to mention again that The Economic and entrepreneur Education helped us to form the necessary skills for the entrepreneur. I want to say thanks to my teachers and to the representative of the JA Moldova, for the promotion of this subject into the educational institutions. Also, I wish for the one that is reading this article to be a be part of the entrepreneurial world and good-fortune.

Oleg Chetrean, owner of grocery store