The opportunity to study a new subject was possible only because of the Junior Achievement Moldova, the organization which promotes economic and entrepreneurial education in our country, whose mission is to support and develop entrepreneurial skills for teenagers. After, some lessons of the Economic and Entrepreneurial Education, me and my colleagues decided to create School Company in the institution where I have studied at that time. With JA Moldova I had the luck to go in Tallin, Estonia, in 2013, in order to exchange some experience with other people from other countries. At the moment I live in the US in Nevada, and I am using my entrepreneurial knowledge in practice where I sell online technical products. The entrepreneurial knowledge has brought to me new horizons and offered me alternatives for self-development.

Batin Vasile, young entrepreneur

I have studied at the Applied Economics Program at the Finace and Banking College A.Diordita of Chisinau, today the Centre for Excellence in Economics and Finance. I remember Mrs. Ana Lipsciuc, the teacher who gave me confidence to study economy and everything what means entrepreneurship. From the textbook JA Moldova, for the first time I have read the terms like microeconomics, market, competition, inflation, GDP, which were difficult to understand from the beginning, but with the study of the Applied Economics Program I was able to assimilate them easily. Entrepreneurial blood had been flowing through my veins, as my father being an entrepreneur and my mother an accountant, I had more reasons to open my own business in the future.

After graduating from college, I have continued my progress in economics at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. I was looking forward to come back home, so I could implement what I had learned. I set up my own company, PAO Candles, which basic work is the production of sculpted candles for various events: wedding, decoration, testimonies and other festivities. At the moment our products are being commercialized through our online store, as well as some stores in Chisinau. I can say that I am very glad to have a young and enthusiastic team and together we can contribute directly to the country's economic growth.

Diavor Vica,
PAO Candles cofounder

With Junior Achievement Moldova I had the opportunity to study a new discipline in a special Economic and Entrepreneurial Education. I liked a lot this discipline, therefore, it gave me an inner strength to develop my own business in the future. The lessons of the economy were very interesting, „bright” and productive, also it guided me in a world of numbers, competition, economic actors and of course income. The teacher taught us how to earn and to save, to get high income with not that much expenses. Now, I can mention it wasn’t a waste of time to study economy and that all the knowledge that I have accumulated had determined me to work for my dream, to have my own business. With the support of my family, perseverance and hard –working, I accomplished to transform my dream into reality. Thus, in 2014 April I succeeded in opening own my business, with the brand ,,Ronti”, which is selling cereal flakes that are ecological and natural. At the start, I said to myself: either I am doing it well, either I don’t do anything at all because I wanted to obtain a natural and healthy product for my family and for others. I am proud that I had the opportunity to be a part program JA Moldova, the program which gave me belief, knowledge, and support. Today, I am happy because I have a good team, strong and aiming to change the things towards well. Although I had had more difficulties, I can say for me it was very interesting and I prompt you to open your business as well because in the end you always can achieve a result if you work hard and persistent.

Angela Sobol,
Founder, Manager "Ronti"


Economic education forms my entrepreneurship spirit

I remember with great pleasure economics classes in school, the first courses in seventh grade when we were curious to see what is and how is eating it. I remember and now with enthusiasm as our teacher, Elena Chelaru, told us about school companies. From the beginning, it was like a burden to stay another hour after 7 lessons for some elective courses economy ... but from hour to hour, the lessons of economics became more interesting.

I was always attracted to the figures, taxes, business plan, balance - what motivated me, along with classmates, to establish a business school in the ninth grade, after which followed two companies and schools. Thus, in the tenth grade, I attended school at the international exhibition companies organized by Junior Achievement Estonia partners.

Over a year, I won the National Contest of Companies School, where I got the possibility to represent Moldava in the international stage - Company of the Year, the 2013 edition in Bucharest.

I do not think I can tell the real importance of experiences obtained during these years, because this experience makes me develop my entrepreneurship spirit. As chairman of school, I learned that in a team, the most important is teamwork, because you do not get anything alone!

Over the years , I have often been in situations where we have used the knowledge gained from JA Moldova programs and was proud of me, I was proud of my teacher and project coordinators JA , who gave me this knowledge , for which I would like to thank enormous.

I wish success to all colleagues in the Junior Achievement Moldova programs and recommend to those who are not yet part of the JA community - to join, without thrift!

Cătălin Ambros,

 Student at the faculty of law, second year

University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza" from Iași, România