I studied economic and entrepreneur education at the Lyceum Lev Tolstoi from Glodeni. I want to say that the importance of Economic and Entrepreneurial Education is the most eloquent example for the young generation today.  I have studied this discipline only once a week, but my perseverance and love for math have made me even more involved and I set a goal in my life, to become the best entrepreneur and to have my own business. I want to be a millionaire not for money but for people, I want to make the word better for everyone. In the 11th grade I had opportunity to participate at the Olympics Republican and got the 2nd place. My success was due to my parents and my teacher who gave me a rich set of economic and entrepreneurial knowledge.

The economy is the subject of life and and from all disciplines this is the most important.

At the moment I am studying at the Higher School of Economics and Business in St. Petersburg

 Burdeinîi Pavel

Since I was in school, I wanted to have my own business, I wanted to open something, but I still didn’t know how. When you want something very much, it happens on it’s own. During high school years has come up the opportunity to study Economic and Entrepreneur Education with programs JA Moldova. I didn’t think much to accept it or not, because my answer was already ,,Yes”. I really wanted to open something so I started to learn and everything what I have studied  it helped me a lot in my business. So, in 2001 I combined my economic studies with my mother’s  knowledge of fashion and I created my own successful business under the brand of BRIO. I called it so because BRIO means enthusiasm, a lot of passion and  love.  As with any business, the beginnings were difficult, but the passion for fashion and customer gratitude made me move forward in my career from three employees and one store in 2001 to 20 employees and three stores in 2017.

The success of BRIO means a lot of perseverance, a strong team and a lot of passion. I'm happy to bring beauty and a smile on people's faces.

Culis Cristina, founder of BRIO clothing store


My name is Dumitrita Petrov and I took part in the program of Applied Economics at the Theoretical Romanian-English Lyceum ¨Ion Creanga” in 2012-2013, in Chisinau.  The classes were well organized with real economic examples through which we could understand the applicability of Economics. I was motivated to discover this totally new subject therefore, I was coming with interest and joy. I must say it was a privilege to study Economics in school.

In the period of studies, we created a real company called ¨Karikatura” in which I was performing the function of production manager. Later, we represented Moldova in the International Fair of School Companies in Tula city, Russian Federation. It was a great experience where we acquired skills and practical experience in the world of entrepreneurship. Moreover, I became a volunteer of Junior Achievement Moldova and helped organizing National Contests in Economics in Moldova. From this moment, I knew I want to study Economics.

After the baccalaureate I followed my studies in Economics and Management at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova, and Bocconi University in Italy. I did my master degree in Economics and Business at the College of Europe, Belgium. All these years I followed my dream with courage, persistence and optimism.

At the moment, I am working in Budget and Finance Division in World Health Emergencies Program at World Health Organization, in Geneva. Each day, I go to work with passion and enthusiasm.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Mariana Sevacov and Mrs. Adela Scutaru for all the support and guidance from the beginning of my career path. I do appreciate the inspiration I got from Junior Achievement Moldova to follow my career in Economics.

Dumitrița Petrov

Budget and Finance Division in World Health Emergencies Program at World Health Organization, in Geneva

My productive experience with Junior Achievement Moldova began in the 2013. I still remember  the scene where  Mrs Zlotea Maia, teacher of economy, made me a proposal that I couldn’t refuse. Being passionate about Western culture, but especially the way how entrepreneurship is organized in that space, I said it  is was time to get started in the discovery of the economic engine.

The proposal from the teacher Emil Nicula from the Theoretical Lyceum from Ialoveni, it was a invitation to start the extraordinary adventure for a beginner young student, the latter being the Economic Republican Olympics. My answer has not been expected, I understood from the beginning that this challenge will cultivate in me the spirit of  competition, the founding pillar of entrepreneurship. Thanks to the impuls I received from the dear professor it was unstoppable all three years of high school, because every year I was at the top of the Republican Olympics, I was proud to bring a good image to the high school where I was studying.

The most beautiful adventure with JA Moldova was the summer camp in 2015, where I was very lucky to discover economy and entrepreneurship under the action, motivation and dialogue.

Today, I am studying in France, the faculty of Law. I am happy because I had been through the JA Moldova programs, it helped me easily to fit into the world of law because, often by analyzing the great current thinking powers in the legal field, you can’t overcome the world’s finest concepts and authors of the world economy.

As an advice, I would like to encourage young people in Moldova to open up to economics and entrepreneurship lessons. I also wish a lot of success to all the people involved in the activity of JA Moldova, because the promotion of the economic culture for our young country is a primordial necessity.

Caraman Marin
student, faculty of Law in France