Andrei Zapșa

Looking back to my studies in the Financial-Banking College of Chisinau, some of my most beautiful memories are recalled by my course of Applied Economics, which was taught by distinguished professor Ana Nagy-Moldovan. It is hard to find today a professor with a more refined humor, who, besides professionalism and didactic quality, succeeds in gaining your attention through a critical and ironic approach.

After this course, I decided to get involved in the " Company of the Year" competition, the preparations and training for which were guided by Mrs. Galina Bugenko. Mostly thanks to her guidance, we managed to have a dignified performance within the local competition, being named as the company with the best business plan and later also the best school company of the year. The last distinction granted the departure for the European competition, which took place in the capital city of Estonia, the city of Tallinn. This adventure that widened our horizons has also provided us with an unforgettable experience that has proven to be very valuable. Also there, I won the Leadership Alumni Award, which granted the result in many applications for international projects later.

Thanks to the skills gained from training and participation in JA projects, I was able to cope with the position of commercial director of an economic entity, which I have occupied for 2 years. Suddenly I returned from international programs in Indonesia and South Korea, continuing my teaching at the Center of Excellence in Economics and Finance, where I work as a professor of economic disciplines.

I am deeply grateful to Junior Achievement Moldova, for the impulse to get out of the comfort zone.

It is said that the smart man learns from the mistakes of others, and the stupid man on his own mistakes. According to this postulate, I must admit that I am a kind of stupid. But I'm still learning, and after all, that's what matters.

Good luck, courage and only ahead, JA Moldova!

Andrei Zapșa