I knew that I would like to study economy from gymnasium. In the high school I had the opportunity to follow the programs supported by Junior Achievement Moldova, delivered by a master in the teaching art – Mr. Vitalie Andoni, history, economics and civic education teacher at the Gaudeamus Theoretical Lyceum from Chisinau. This course formed my basic knowledge and skills in the field of applied economics and helped me become a leader at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Administration at the State University of Moldova, where I obtained the master’s degree in Economic Sciences.

I stared working from the first years of faculty, until now I’ve worked in six companies and organizations from different areas, gaining professional experience in sales, marketing, customer services, finance, accountancy and administration. In all the listed fields the success wouldn’t be possible without good knowledge of economics. I think in the modern world economic empowerment is indispensable for the success in every field or profession and of course in everyday life.

Currently I am operations assistant at UNDP – United Nations Development Program. Working in an international organization is a dream that came true for me. It is a pleasure that daily I can direct my energy, experience and talent to contribute to a better life in Moldova and worldwide. I believe each of us can move the world and make it a better place and the key of this engine is intelligence.

Vladlena Glavan
Operations Assistant UNDP Moldova

Looking back to my studies in the Financial-Banking College of Chisinau, some of my most beautiful memories are recalled by my course of Applied Economics, which was taught by distinguished professor Ana Nagy-Moldovan. It is hard to find today a professor with a more refined humor, who, besides professionalism and didactic quality, succeeds in gaining your attention through a critical and ironic approach.

After this course, I decided to get involved in the " Company of the Year" competition, the preparations and training for which were guided by Mrs. Galina Bugenko. Mostly thanks to her guidance, we managed to have a dignified performance within the local competition, being named as the company with the best business plan and later also the best school company of the year. The last distinction granted the departure for the European competition, which took place in the capital city of Estonia, the city of Tallinn. This adventure that widened our horizons has also provided us with an unforgettable experience that has proven to be very valuable. Also there, I won the Leadership Alumni Award, which granted the result in many applications for international projects later.

Thanks to the skills gained from training and participation in JA projects, I was able to cope with the position of commercial director of an economic entity, which I have occupied for 2 years. Suddenly I returned from international programs in Indonesia and South Korea, continuing my teaching at the Center of Excellence in Economics and Finance, where I work as a professor of economic disciplines.

I am deeply grateful to Junior Achievement Moldova, for the impulse to get out of the comfort zone.

It is said that the smart man learns from the mistakes of others, and the stupid man on his own mistakes. According to this postulate, I must admit that I am a kind of stupid. But I'm still learning, and after all, that's what matters.

Good luck, courage and only ahead, JA Moldova!

Andrei Zapșa

I studied at "Emil Nicula" Theoretical High School in the village of Mereni, Anenii Noi, where I discovered what the Economy is, initially an unknown term, then I understood that this term is in fact a very interesting and vital to any society.

Thanks to Mrs. Maia Zlotea, a teacher of Junior Achievement Moldova, I learned the first and the most important notions of economics, in fact she raised in us the desire to discover this field and motivated us to choose this way for future. I discovered the practical parts of the economy participating at the programs and activities of Junior Achievement, which motivated me to move on to the next stage, the Faculty of Economics Business and Administration at the State University of Moldova. Then I started a business in the field of Public Food, where I realize my ideas. It's not easy to say you're an entrepreneur, it's hard, but with a lot of work and patience you get results.

One very important thing I learned was "trying" until you don’t try to do something, no matter if you get a result or a failure, you get nothing, the trials always bring experience, but our experience increases, makes us stronger.

I recommend the youngest to study Applied Economics, to participate in Junior Achievement, to gain experience, to experience, because an experienced person is always a step forward, is a person who, if he will work, will necessarily achieve and overall will receive maximum satisfaction from the implemented activities.

Ermurachi Victor (entrepreneur)


After graduating from school, in 2011 I undertook a one year Applied Economics course at Financial College of Banking, Chisinau. During my studies, I was fortunate to be taught by Mrs Ana Nagy Moldovan, whose enthusiasm and experience motivated me to enjoy the subject and gain further knowledge in economics.

Shortly after I attended a The Key to Success course, led by Mrs Galina Bugenko, which positively impacted my personal educational and professional development. Furthermore, I took part in several projects organised by Junior Achievement Moldova, and was involved in various Workshops,  Job Shadow Day, Innovation camp and National Company of the Year projects.

The summer camp at Sulina, Tulcea, Romania, was another opportunity to demonstrate my organisation skills, academic achievements, creative ideas and consequently I accepted the offer to work as a volunteer, which I did for 3 consecutive years.

With JA Moldova I gained experience of working in a team of highly motivated, intelligent, professional people. It was a great opportunity to promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst young people by simulating a real business environment.

As a result, I am consistently implementing the skills and the knowledge acquired within the Association and I am currently continuing to study at University of Economics, Faculty of Economics in Prague.

I am grateful to the JA organization and would definitely recommend young students to join the JA family because it is a great opportunity for personal, professional and intellectual development. It is the place where you realize that the education you are getting today will help you to have a bright future tomorrow.

Bucătari Ana -Maria, student at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague