Cojocaru Victor

My trip to the world of economics started with my studies at the Center Excellence in the Economy and Finance and exactly with the Applied Economics course from Junior Achievement Moldova program. Thanks to this course as well as professionalism of teacher Ana Nagy –Moldovan, I met the ,,Queen of Social Science”- Economics.

The complex world of the economy was able to perceive it much better once I started participating in the "School Company" program, guided with skill and dedication by Ms. Galina Bugenko. Another opportunity offered by the Junior Achievement Moldova projects was the participation like mentor of at the workshop "Your idea of today - your business for tomorrow", where we contributed to the development of the young people's economic perception through education.

The experience of these projects confirmed to me that success involves discipline, training and hard work. At the same time, the amalgam of knowledge obtained offered me "wings" in the professional field, currently acting as expert-accountant in the First Audit International SA, providing economic and tax consultancy to economic agents.

In this way, I would like to thank the JAM team for the most profitable and important investment they make in the field of economic education, giving students the opportunity to discover the unexplored pockets and, last but not least, advising them to take advantage of the chance which is offered to them.