Denis Misisina

Denis got a start in life thanks to Junior Achievement Moldova. For the first time, being a 10th grade student, he became acquainted with the basics of economics, studying the optional course “Applied Economics”. This science so dominated him that Denis immediately decided to link his life with the economy. He worked hard, annually participated in national competitions and won prizes. The victory at the Olympiad of 2013 became a triumph when Denis Mischishin, a student of the 12th grade, won the Premiul Mare and personally the rector of ASEM, Mr. Grigory Belostechnik, invited him to continue his studies at the Academy. In 2016, Denis successfully graduated from ASEM with a degree in finance and banks.

Since Denis was a promising student, he immediately after defending his diploma was offered a job as an accountant at the Artmobila enterprise. He agreed, assuming to get the first practical skills, and later to become an accountant at the enterprise. Six months later, Denis realized that dreams of becoming a first-class expert in the field of economics, finding his own way, cannot be realized here.

During the month continued the painful search for work. He didn’t want to find a job easier, he was looking for a job on his specialty, since personal development was always in the first place, not the salary. And he believed that it was development that will bring success and great profits in the future.

And then a miracle happened! Thanks to communication with teachers and graduates of ASEM, Denis learned about the job of an economist in the planning and economic department of the international company “LUKOIL-Moldova”. After an interview with the head of the department during the week he got acquainted with the official duties and he was hired!

From June 2017 to the present day, Denis works in the company “LUKOIL-Moldova”. The field of activity is diverse and requires deep, diverse knowledge. This includes an analysis of the economic situation in the country, an analysis of the activities of various departments of the company, whose data are used in drawing up the budget and other economic indicators.

Denis is not going to stop there, he continues economic self-education, improves the skills of the programmer. He loves his country and Chisinau became native. He often visits the lyceum and shares his life experience with students. He is a happy man! And he never doubted his choice of profession!