Ludmila Grițcu

"If you want to change the world, start with yourself"

In order to be successful, the start of a business must be based on: professional knowledge, enthusiasm, great work capacity, stress resistance and obligatory entrepreneurial knowledge - thus increasing your chances of success. The idea of having my own business appeared in adolescence, following my childhood talents when I used to gather the children from the street to do exercises together. The study of Economic and Entrepreneur Education was the discipline that gave me the basic entrepreneurial knowledge to develop a business. Today, I gather my clients for a lot of movement in the Evaśport network halls. Here you can find fitness studios and adjacent services, as well as information about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition that are indispensable to understand how the human body works. My vision is to create a happy women community due to sport and the team has a big contribution to accomplish this mission.

My business is based on specialized knowledges, the desire of making women healthier and happier, on the enthusiasm and on the possibility of being financially independent. In adolescence, business education was mostly my intuition. This, of course, was better than nothing, but not enough. And from the fact I had a great lacuna at this point in the first place, it made me learn during the work process and I even had some loses.

An entrepreneur, of course, always has to learn, but to start the business without sufficient entrepreneurial education, would mean raising your risk of bankruptcy. During this time I needed to learn how to manage my time, teams, finances, how to negotiate, how to sell, how to improve the services, how to grow customers loyalty, crisis management, human resources, marketing, process management and this process will never stop. "If you want good employees, you need to raise  them!"

Because I like to make analogies between nature and business- when you start in the world of entrepreneurship it is like going hunting during the Siberian winter. Here comes just one question: will you start on the road equipped or not? Of course, it is possibile to go  unequipped - but the chances of living are minimal.

In business, you are informed, so you are armed.

Succes and never stop!

Ludmila Griţcu - founder of the fitness network - women's studios - Evaśport.