My history with Junior Achievement began in 2011, when I was in the 8th grade at the "Ion Creangă" Theoretical High School in Chisinau. Then for the first time I heard about JA Moldova and about the economics lessons. It was an interesting opportunity for me, specially since I was thinking to continue my university studies in the economic field. In the next year I have  participated at the program”School Minifim” and together with a group of colleagues, guided by professor Ala Birladeanu, I learned how to run a business. ,,Zippy JA”  was a mini firm (or mini company) that produced and sold accessories from recyclable and reusable materials. It was a great experience from which I learned a lot and I had also developed some personal skills. This program was a step towards "School Company". Here was born the idea of vibrating braces - an accessory that helps to maintain the correct position of the back. With this innovation I participated at the Diamond Challenge Moldova, an entrepreneurial competition for young high school students.

My experience with Junior Achievement Moldova helped me to understand that I want to continue my studies in the economic and business domain and afterwards to be able to manage my own business. At the moment I'm studying Business Economics & IT at the University of Southern Denmark.

Virginia Grama, entrepreneur


With "JA Molodva Programs", we learned about how the economy works”, entrepreneurship and how to be a part of the competition. I am very glad to be part of the Economic and Entrepreneurship Education in 2014, where I and my colleges founded The Company School ,,MAF-make”, which purpose was to sell the hand-made things from polymer clay and also greeting cards. Our purpose was to make them beautiful, qualitative, attractive, but first of all, it had to be innovative. All these things inspired me, and the moment I am making the cards for different events: birthdays, weddings and other holidays and events. It’s a business which kept me active and offered me the possibility to make what I like, to create and to offer a product which inspires.

Lascu Cristina, entrepreneur

For me, in the beginning, the term entrepreneur was nonunderstandable, very complicated, and bizarre, I didn't even know what a business means. I dreamed of becoming a good employee for a profession. The program Applied Economy and the exercise Company School opened me new opportunities, therefore they created in me the entrepreneurial spirit which, once intertwined, followed me day by day and step by step. The Applied Economy and the opening of the business in the school was captivating, really funny, which requested direct and total involvement. Because it was an optional discipline, I took it as a hobby, which needed from me the application of creativity and energy for solving problems. In this course with learning concepts and economic laws I entered in the essentially market economy, I learnt the logical stage of the events that can take place in a business, I learned how to be ambitious, positive, to take risk, and how not to be discouraged, to learn from my own mistakes and to continue to work hard. These concerns, like many others, transformed my hobby into the career in which I hope to succeed. For me, this program is the one which has a strong cognitive message, deeply developing and functional to the nowadays society. Today, I can say certainly that I had a vast advantage if to compare with other students from district Criuleni, by the fact that it was the unique school at that time that taught us this course in special. Now, I want to say a big thank you to the Team Junior Achievement Moldova, Administration LT.Madcesti and my teacher Eugenia Ciutac for insistence and perseverance in promoting the economic education. After graduating the high school I continued studies at the ASEM, in those years I achieved some work contracts in Greece and Saudi Arabia. Today, I lead my own business. The Company ,, ” founded in 2014, already has a significant rate on the visualization equipment market in our country. Our main customers are schools and kindergartens, state institutions and nongovernmental organizations. In the last years, we started working very actively in the field of business. We are offering a vast assortment of products and services for audio-visual presentation, advertising equipment and for a private segment. We have collaborations with some country from UE, at the moment we have discussions for intensive collaboration with Holland and Ukraine, our purpose is diversification of the products, bearish acquisition costs, production and maintaining the quality at the level which suits our customers.

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Ciutac Afanasii, founder of

After, I graduated  high school in the city  Cahul, I have continued my studies at ASEM National College of Commerce in Chisinau, the Technology Specialist in Public Nutrition. Besides the basic disciplines, I had the opportunity to study another discipline - Economic and Entrepreneurial Education with the support of JA Moldova. And now I remember the first hour of initiation in the economy, when Mrs. Tatiana Bîrca urged us to give an association for the term of economy and to expose our point of view on this subject? The first notion I have formulated then: economy is science that teaches us to save, produce and earn.

After college, I have continued my studies at Faculty General of Economics and Law at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. In the third year of the faculty, I had  the opportunity to do the practice at The State Cancellary. After two months, I wanted to be a part in the team  Junior Achievement Moldova, taking into consideration it was a stimule for my future profession. At the moment, in the organization I try to promote entrepreneurial values among young people and inspire them on this segment.

Mîțăblîndă Ionela 

Specialist in organizational capacity development at Junior Achievement Moldova