Beiu Dumitru

To become a successful man its very important to pass all the educationl staps by providing. That's about what I did, after the graduted the lyceum I continued my studies at the Business Administration at the Acamedy of Economic of Studies of Molodva . Through accumulation economical and entrepreneurial knowledge by the lesson from economy from lyceum and university I achive for a short time to founded my own business. I want to mention that the profession of entrepreneur is not a easy but throuh hardworking and perseverance and by overcoming several obstacles you can to enjoy the successful. Is not easy but its possible. So I want to recommend for teenagers who studing the economy and entrepreneurial programs to read a lot, to get involved and to overcome stings , just through involvement you can to achive a result and to create your future at your home. Also I want to recommend you to get inspire from people who achive in the life. For me I was inspired by Brian Tracy, his books encourge me, gave me power and knowledge.

Brian Tracy is a worldwide expert in personal and professional development with more than 50 years of experience. He told is do you want to eat a elephant you need to eat for a small pieces. This elephant its your aim in the life. To touch a big goal you need to work every day a little bit on and finally you will achive what you have planned. I really liked the answer to the question which I have addressed : MR Brain What do you appreciate at the people?

Answer: Trust , without trust you do anything.

So if you belive in your self and in the people wich you work, will get a result.

Five advice which I recommend for every young people:

1) Read a lot what do you like, but no what someone tell you and so you will loves books. Successful people have a big library at home, but those who don’t have the successful have a big TV at home.

2) Be careful when you chose your friend because for those around you represent 50% of your success.

3) Learn foreing languages basic English, because if you grow seriously you will need communication with other nationalities. English is the language of world affairs.

4) Travel as much as possible.

5) Practice the sports and healthy life.

In a healthy body there is a healthy mind.

Beiu Dumitru, entrepreneur