Democracy and Entrepreneurship at H.S. "B. Cazacu ", d. Nisporeni

30 pupils, aged between 15 and 18 years old, 24 girls and 6 boys from H.S. "B. Cazacu ",  d. Nisporeni , were gathered at the fifth economic discussion club, entitled "Democracy and Entrepreneurship", held on September, 24.

Participants were familiarized about general concepts, about democracy and entrepreneurship underlying principles, about opportunities and challenges in developing these concepts. The facilitator has proposed some certain themed games, group work, so students have based their knowledge in these areas. Throughout the activity, the students focused on the idea that entrepreneurship is one of the fundamental pillars of democracy, and being an entrepreneur requires a range of knowledge and skills: innovative ideas, hard work, partnerships and collaboration, team spirit, etc. Young people had not only theoretical information, but also certain useful advice offered during a discussion with the local entrepreneur, Valeriu Abajeru, who has business in the construction area in Nisporeni district. He has told young people about how he started his own business, where he started, what are the benefits, opportunities and risks of creating and maintaining a business. Entrepreneur urged young people to be brave, to enter in the business world as soon as it’s possible because any difficulties are good experience, to risk because in other way they won’t achieve success, and the most important phrase was: "The biggest obstacle is human life is human himself when he is afraid of difficulties and he isn’t able to overcome some stereotypes. Work over yourself and your fears and you will achieve success.”

Participants were interested in the proposed theme in the discussion club, they met their expectations to find out more facts about the proposed topics and discussion with Mr. Valeriu Abajeru motivated them even more to know much more about entrepreneurship area.

P.S. Club is being organized in the project with the same generic, organized by A.O. Junior Achievement, with financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova and in partnership with the AGEPI.