“Democracy and Entrepreneurship” in H.S.”D.Cantemir” from the d. Edinet


30 students from the H.S.”D.Cantemir” from the d. Edinet on October 27, 2015, were involved in the seventh of ten economic discussion club organized by Junior Achievement Moldova with the generic “Democracy and Entrepreneurship” and with support of USA Embassy in Moldova.

Pupils, 18 girls and 12 boys, talked about general concepts of Democracy and Entrepreneurship in the special activities like:”Dacă aș fi…aș fi…”, making a portrait of an entrepreneur, description of the person with democratic view, character features of an entrepreneur, teamwork and common discussion.

Participants had interesting discussion with the local entrepreneur Mrs. Svetlana Panciuc who managed to motivate some of them to know more about principles of healthy competition in order to start own business.In the debate students have addressed various questions that havehad referred directly to the entrepreneur:”What are the risks in business development? ”, “What are special features which each entrepreneur should develop?”, “What is the meaning of the entrepreneurs implication in community development?”, ”How did she create a team and does she trust each member of this?” and “What are the steps that each young man should follow to be able to create own business?”.

“Entrepreneur is always informed because he has special purpose and big wish to make it come true by considerable efforts. At the same time entrepreneur can’t exist without creativity and innovativeness – features that distinguish him from ordinary business”, said pupils.

“We are so glad that such activities are held in our locality because pupils have possibility to learn new interesting and useful things through certain activities like discussions with local entrepreneurs, thematic debate, teamwork, etc.”, mentioned participants at the final.