Club of economic discussions in Anenii Noi.

In the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 26 young people from v. Hîrbovăț, d. Anenii Noi, participated in a club of economic discussions with generic "Democracy and Entrepreneurship".

Pupils, aged between 15 and 18, 18 girls and 8 boys, talked about concepts of democracy and entrepreneurship, image of a successful entrepreneur, image of the person that promotes democratic values, symbols, principles of democracy and of entrepreneurial education. At the same time, pupils were motivated by promotion and developing of democratic and entrepreneurial spirit in community to work in groups to analyze efficiently possibilities of proper implication in social projects.

“A person with democratic principles promotes values through free expression, proper opinion, leadership and freedom in actions, tolerance, civic activism, etc.” “An entrepreneur should be, in first order, able to get new information, able to know at the perfection the area where he activates, and, of course, he should be innovative and insistent.”-pupils said.

“Due to this activity, I was motivated even more to follow proposed purposes.”-mentioned on of participants-Eugeniu Jeman. “Today I’ve learnt so much information about initiation and developing of a business, about training of young specialists, about democratic values.”-said another participant-Ana Topciu.

At the final, pupils made conclusion that such activities are so useful because the subjects are presented with different interactive and didactic methods: brainstorming, group work, overall discussions, thematic games.

Club is being organized in the project with the same generic, organized by S.O. Junior Achievement Moldova, with financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova and in partnership with the AGEPI.

Global Entrepreneurship Week – GEW is international event that is being held in the third week of November in 153 countries respectively. In Republic of Moldova GEW took place for a first time in 2013, and there were organized more than 23 activities, in 10 regions, accumulating by this over 1,000 beneficiaries and 21 partners, including:  Embassy of USA in Republic of Moldova, ENTRANCE, Perspective University, ASEM, AGEPI, BLTC, , AO Junior Achievement Moldova, Fresh and Joy, etc.