School Companies on International Exhibition "INFOINVENT"

13 school companies and mini firms from institutions of pre-university education level, where pupils have additional subject of economical and entrepreneurial education, participed in the International Specialized Exhibition ”INFOINVENT”  on November  26, 2015, at 10 o'clock, at the Moldexpo, c. Chisinau. 

Programs of school companies and mini firms are kind of economical laboratories that offer to participants opportunity to conduct their proper deal, to understand what does the creation, function and success of an comercial society supose.Young people research market, obtain money through selling of actions  and administrate accounting inregistrations of the company.School companies and mini firms are possibility to apply economic and business principles that help to develop organizational spirit, ability to conduct, responsability and teamwork skills.

Participants presented them products at the exhibition and, all by this, had possibility to create partnership with other physical entities or juridical participants, during the event.

Products were from different areas: carpentry, handmade, knitwear, jewelery, fashion design, and military style accessories, paintings and drawings, etc.

INFOINVENT is for intelectual property, creativity and innovativeness; it is organized by AGEPI in partnership with Academy of Science of Moldova, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Moldexpo and Junior Achievement Moldova.

The main intention of this event is to support and to promote creativeness and intelectual property, to highlight protection of intelectual property and to respect its rights, to inform people about negative consiquences of Counterfeiting and Piracy for human health and life and about economical, social and cultural development of our country.