The National Fair of School Companies and Micro firms

On May 6th, 2017, Junior Achievement Moldova, in partnership with METRO Cash & Carry Moldova, StarNet Concern and Moldova Agroindbank, was unfolded the National Fair of School Companies and Micro firms, where participated 6 companies and 12 micro firms from schools which attended economic education.

The event is an opportunity for pupils aged from 12 to 19 years who have entrepreneurial experience, to activate in a real business environment, to promote and commercialize the schools companies and micro firm’s products, its own image and the image of educational institution where from they are. The event is also an opportunity for pupils to familiarize themselves with the experience and ideas of other young people in the field of entrepreneurship.

Within the Fair, the jury evaluated products, taking into account two things: INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY, in order to identify and encourage the best teams in pre-university institutions.

During the day the active, ingenious young people, future successful entrepreneurs exposed their own manually created products. It is worth mentioning that the participants at the event were trained in the School Education program. It is an economic and business "lab" that helps students understand, by practice, the theoretical principles of business and market economy mechanisms.