On April 22-24, 2016, took place the Economic Olympiad, edition of 2016, which was unfolded at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

The Olympics is organized by NGO Junior Achievement Moldova in partnership with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova and with the financial support of "Sturza Familia" Foundation, StarNet Concern, BC Moldova Agroindbank, AGEPI.

The event was attended by 59 pupils of the X-th grade from the high schools and colleges from the country, who study the "Applied Economics" program. Through participants was: 35 boys and 24 girls (X-th-13 boys and 10 girls, 11th-11 boys and 9 girls, 12th-11 boys and 5 girls). From the urban environment, there was  52 pupils, and from the rural area - 7 students. From the total number of participants, 35 pupils are from Chisinau, 24 – outside of  the municipality.

From the territorial point of view, were present pupils from 9 districts of the Republic of Moldova and one municipality, as follows: Ungheni, Drochia, Nisporeni, Leova, Edinet, Soldanesti, Ialoveni, Anenii Noi, Glodeni, and Chisinau.

According to the normative framework of unfolding the Olympiads at the school subjects, the participants had  3 astronomical hours to solve the proposed test. The subjects reflect the fields provided in the curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldov

The Olympic Lot is prepared by 17 teachers (13 women, 4 men) from 23 pre-university educational institutions.


Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with NGO Junior Achievement Moldova, invite media representatives to the official opening of the Republican Economics Olympiad, XVIIIth Edition.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, in collaboration with NGO Junior Achievement Moldova, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, " Familia Sturza" Foundation, BC Moldova-Agroindbank, StarNet, AGEPI organizes the 18th edition of the Republican Economics Olympics There will be 59 high school students from different regions of the country. Graduates of the 12th grade will compete for the Grand Prize - a free study agreement offered by AESM.

The official opening of the event will take place on Friday, April 22, at 14.30, at the national theater "Satiricus IL Caragiale" (str. M. Eminescu, 55), where will participate representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, AESM, "Familia Sturza", representatives of BC Moldova Agroindbank, StarNet, AGEPI.

It is worth mentioning that the 59 finalists were nominated as winners of the Zonal stage of the Economic Olympiad and the prize winners of the previous edition of the Republican Olympiad, attended by 145 pupils from 10 districts of the republic, in which the programs of economic education and entrepreneurship are successful implemented.

See below the Olympiad schedule.

For details:

Laurenţia Filipschi,

Executive Director JA Moldova,

Tel.: 22-76-05, 079537745

E-mail: jamoldova@gmail.com

Olympiad Program:

April 22, 2016, Friday

14.30-15.00 Solemn inauguration of the event (National Theater "Satiricus I. L.

Caragiale ", str. M. Eminescu, 55)

15.00 Watching the show "Ciuleandra"

April 23, 2016, Saturday

09.15-12.15 Writing of contest tests (AESM, Block F, class 203, 2nd floor)

April 24, 2016, Sunday

10.30-11.30 Prize Ceremony (AESM, Block F, class 203, 2nd floor)

Pupils from H.S. “A. Donici” from v. Ciuciuleni, d. Hincesti, were involved in the ninth club of economic discussions with generic “Democracy and Entrepreneurship” at the November 27, 2015. Participants were familiarized with concepts of Democracy and Entrepreneurship, intermediary offered them certain thematic games, teamwork, work with posters. In the same way, pupils based them knowledge in these areas, the main idea of debates was that entrepreneurship is one of the fundamental pillars of Democracy, and to become an entrepreneur means to have knowledge and special abilities like innovative ideas, hard work, team spirit, loyal competition, ext. JA Moldova team told pupils about steps toward proper business, opportunities and risks in creating and maintaining of a business, and where pupils can submit their business projects. Participants were interested by the proposed subject and mentioned that their expectations to unknown as much interesting things about Democracy and Entrepreneurship as it’s possible were realized. As well pupils were motivated even more to become volunteers, and, in the nearest future, to establish their own business in community. At the same time, pupils said they want that such discussion clubs were organized much more often, in different regions, and sometimes to make exchange of experience between them. Also participants said that that would be so nice to visit business incubators from local Moldavian districts to see live how the business “grows up”.

Club is being organized in the project with the same generic, organized by S.O. Junior Achievement, with financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova.


 “I like to dream, and when my dreams come true”, “...At the beginning we are working on the name, then the name works on us”, “...to obtain success in your business you should be persistent, should have big wish and never to let your hands down...”- so the entrepreneur, Angela Sobol, started her speech for 26 pupils from H.S. ”Hyperion” from t. Durlesti, c. Chisinau.

In the same way pupils were involved  in the tenth club of economic discussions with generic “Democracy and Entrepreneurship”, organized by S.O. JA Moldova with financial support of USA Embassy in Moldova, on December 15, 2015.

Pupils obtained priceless experiense due to young entrepreneur from t. Floresti, who managed to launch her business by own forces. Angela Sobol told participants about how she has initiated business, where she started,  what risks of creation and development she’s met on her way, about benefits and opportunities. “Take knowledge from any areas, because once, like me, you will be required for something you’ve never thought before, but what would be so useful for you”,- mentioned entrepreneur.”Success came after long and hard work, i could see the rezults only after one year and three months since i started, because the business that i develop needs many financial investitions, but don’t be afraid, it’s possible to create your proper deal in Moldova.”-she said. Also, entrepreneur urged pupils to develop convesational skills always, to learn deeper sense of things, to read between the lines and to be constantly in search of funding opportunities.

Participants were familiarized  by instructive teaching activities, like presentation of tematic posters, about general concepts of Democracy and Entrepreneurship, about opportunities and challenges in development of these concepts. Then, professor Lucia Caciuc organized activity about European Union specifics, in context of development of concepts of Democracy and Entrenpreneurship, where pupils were activly involved. One of the participants – Daniela Bostanica, mentioned:”We are so happy because we had possibility po participate in activities where teoretical and practical informations, due different activities like teamwork, disscutions with entrepreneur,  were combined.” Another participant, Alexandrina Ceban, said:”We were so interested by the proposed subjects – Democracy and Entrepreneurship, but Entrepreneur Angela Sobol motivated us to be brave to develop entreprenorial spirit.”

At the final, participants were grateful to the JA Moldova for organization and realization of the club of economic discussions, they said they would like to be involved in such activities further.