Junior Achievement (JA) this year celebrates 20 years from its foundation. JA is a public association of whose mission is to motivate and prepare young generation to assert themselves successfully in economy. From the organization's registration in Moldova JA entrepreneurial training, attended by over 195 000 students and about 1800 teachers. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova and the financial support of donors, JA Moldova are offered many pre-university institutions across the country, one of them being optional subjects - economic and entrepreneurial education, which has developed a curriculum.  

JA economic-education programs and cultivates entrepreneurial thinking applied to reality, a positive attitude towards life, the spirit of initiative and involvement in community activities. Through computer simulations or in the classroom, role play scenarios, analysis and case studies, students learn real-life experimenting roles: consumer, employee, entre. JA Moldova can be implemented in one way: hour optional extracurricular, adjunct to mandatory courses or in the form classes basic skills all levels of education and approved by the National Council for Curriculum.

Junior Achievement Moldova provides:
• Free training Annual (training and further training) involved in the programs
economic and entrepreneurial education or those who want to get involved in the programs;
• Support free teaching (curriculum, textbook, notebook student, teacher's guide, envelope Professor, games, posters).
• Ability to participate in national and international events.
• Opportunity to participate in international competitions under programs (online simulation -
TITAN, European Company of the Year competition, etc.)
• Membership in a global network of educational and professional;
• Students develop essential skills for life, unique experiences;
• Opportunity to participate in national events for young people in the program (Competition National Company of the Year Olympics in Economy, Job Shadow Day, Innovation Camp, meetings with business representatives ).

 We invite media at the event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding AO Moldova Junior Achievement (JA Moldova) to be held on May 19, 2015 in the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, str. Bănulescu Bodoni 59, Chisinau, auditorium 203, Block F, starting at 11.00. For more information or confirmation, please call the phone number + (373) 22 22 7605 or e-mail: jamoldova@gmail.com


       On 24 April 2015 , the team of  Junior Achievement  Moldova  participated at the scientific-practical conference, that held under the slogan "Europe for you"  and the motto "Being together means to start. Remaining together means to progres. Working  together means to have success! ". The event was organized by the Lyceum "Vasile  Coroban " in Glodeni under the guidance of  Mrs. Maria Pîntea, professor of history and economics, in partnership with Department of education, youth and sports from Glodeni district  and „Euro Gold Club” also from Glodeni city.

With a word of greeting came Mr. Fiodor Lupaşcu, vice-president of Glodeni district, Mrs. Nina Lupușor ,methodist at the Department of education, youth and sports and Mrs. Eugenia Furtună,  the Principal of  the Lyceum "Vasile  Coroban ".

       The participants, 30 scholars and 20 teachers  from Glodeni district, discussed the history of the European Union,  European operational  mechanism  for  protection of  human rights, EU citizenship, the European  policy for youth and of course about the economic integration process.

The conference covered  a lot of  aspects, were used different teaching strategies, information was submitted by scholars-consultants, was presented special movies that were realized with participation of local experts in this domain  focusing on the opinion and involving the scholars from XI and XII class.

 At the topic related to economic and entrepreneurial education, Junior Achievement Moldova, came with a presentation of the programs that this organization  supports, emphasizing that integration of  Republic of  Moldova in European Union  should be seen as a posibility of  training and development  for  youth  to entrepreneurship, and Junior Acheivemt Moldova offers this opportunity. It also presented a video spot about Junior Achievement Moldova programs  and an anniversary movie about the work of the organization which this year celebrated 20 years from  its foundation. The teaching materials offered to the teachers and scholars has aroused special interest and it means that economic and  entrepreneurial education is the field that must be explored.

Finally, the scholars in the role of experts and reviewers highlighted the role of the conference that contributed to the consolidation of  knowledge of those present, everybody understanding the importance of integration in european space, the process being full of challenges but absolutely necessary to our country.

Additionally  Mrs. Maria Pîntea said that "Young people in Glodeni are active , they created Euro Gold Club, where they try to apply theoretical knowledge  in practice , they are also  involved in various national and  international projects . Similarly, they are actively involved in all activities of  Junior Achievemet Moldova. It was a pleasure to work with them at this conference . "


“…You cannot achieve success if you don’t fail”, “…The most important thing is to be independent”,

“An entrepreneur must be confident, inventive, innovative and must be able to find appropriate

solutions for the society's problems" - these were some of the ideas of the 32 students from the lyceum

"George Vrabie" from Călineşti, Falesti that attended on the 3rd of April an Economic discussion Club

entitled "Democracy and Entrepreneurship".

The participants were interested in the topics discussed with the invited entrepreneur, who managed to

motivate some of them, to know the basics of the market economy, in terms of democratic principles, to

open their own business.

The pupils, being 16-18 years old, 15 girls and 17 boys, have raised questions referred directly to him,

such as "How to choose the profession", "What are the steps to start your own business", " Where can I

apply for various grants to support young entrepreneurs "," Which business ideas are attractive "and"

What are the obstacles of developing a successful business. "

In another activity, participants, with the facilitator, discussed in detail the concepts of democracy and

entrepreneurship, about the image of a successful entrepreneur, the image of a person that promotes

democratic values, ​​about symbols of democratic principles and entrepreneurship education.

"Being an entrepreneur means to know well the area where you want to prosper, whether it is

beekeeping, horse breeding etc. Also, besides knowledge, an entrepreneur must possess several skills

such as: responsibility, innovative spirit, devotion, commitment, volunteering, responsiveness"

concluded the students.

"Thanks to this club, I found more information about starting and developing a business, training of

young specialists, about democratic values," said Dumitru Chiruta, one of the participants.

Finally, it was emphasized that such activities are welcome, as they are discussed in their complexity,

not only theoretically but also practically, through various interactive and didactic methods:

brainstorming, group work, discussions, games and so on.

The club is part of the project with the same title, implemented by Junior Achievement Moldova, with

the financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova.

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30 de tineri, cu vîrsta de 15-18 ani, de la Liceul Teoretic ”O. Ghibu” și ”I. Luca Caragiale” din orașul Orhei, au participat, la 25 februarie curent, în cadrul unui club de discuții cu genericul ”Democrație și Antreprenoriat”.

Elevii au discutat despre conceptul de democrație și antreprenoriat, principiile acestora, valorile care promovează democrația, în rândurile tinerilor, și despre calea ce duce spre obținerea succesului în domeniul antreprenoriatului. Realizând niște postere tematice, aceștia au dedus, împreună cu profesorii de economie, relevanța cunoașterii și respectării valorilor sus-menționate.

Iaroslav Cojocaru, invitat al evenimentului, președintele Junior Chamber International, filiala Ungheni, a vorbit despre experiența proprie în domeniul antreprenoriatului, motivând elevii să devină antreprenori în localitatea de baștină. ”Fiți creativi, inventivi, inovativi, dați frâu liber imaginației, depuneți maxim de efort și vă va reuși”, a afirmat dânsul.

În altă ordine de idei, a fost pusă în dezbatere, promovarea imaginii și a produselor companiilor școlare, iar participanții, împreună cu cei prezenți, au găsit metode eficiente de realizare a celor propuse.

La final, elevii au concluzionat că asemenea activități sunt binevenite, cu impact mare asupra creării și dezvoltării personalității și trebuie realizate cât mai des, deoarece tinerii au nevoie de schimb de experiență, informație atât teoretică, cât și practică.

Clubul este desfășurat în cadrul proiectului, cu același generic, implimentat de către Junior Achievement Moldova, cu susținerea financiară a Ambasadei SUA în Moldova.


În perioada 20-22 martie 2015, s-a desfășurat etapa republicană a Olimpiadei de Economie, ediția 2015 în cadrul Liceului teoretic „P. Rareş” din Chișinău.

Olimpiada a fost organizată de către Ministerul Educației al RM în parteneriat cu Academia de Studii Economice a Moldovei, Asociația Obșteasca Junior Achievement Moldova și cu suportul financiar al Fundaţiei ”Familia Sturza”, StarNet, MoldovaAgroindbank şi OWH TV Studio.

La eveniment, au participat 58 de elevi ai cl. X-XII din 20 instituții de învățămînt din țară (16 din mediul urban, 4 din mediul rural), care studiază disciplina opțională Educație economică și antreprenorială. Din punct de vedere teritorial, au fost prezenți elevi din 11 raioane/municipii ale RM și anume: Drochia, Nisporeni, Anenii-Noi, Sîngerei, Orhei, Leova, Cimișlia, Ungheni, Edineț, Șoldănești și Chișinău.

Conform cadrului normativ de reglementare a desfășurării olimpiadelor la disciplinele școlare, participanții au avut la dispoziție, pentru rezolvarea testului propus, 3 ore academice. Subiectele au reflectat domeniile prevăzute în curriculumul școlar, aprobat de Ministerul Educației al RM.

Lotul olimpic din acest an a fost pregătit de către următorii profesorii: Andoni Vitalie,  LT Gaudeamus, Chișinău, Cruc Svetlana, LT rus nr.3, Drochia, Bîlhac Svetlana, LT Boris Cazacu, Nisporeni, Iacob Natalia, Colegiul Financiar-Bancar, Chișinău, Nagy Moldovan Ana, Colegiul Financiar-Bancar, Chișinău, Trubceac Angela, LT O. Ghibu, Orhei, Marin Dorin, LT C. Spătaru, Leova, Râbac Larisa, LT Cotiujenii Mari, Șoldănești, Zlotea Maia, LT E. Nicula, s. Mereni, Anenii-Noi, Colța Parascovia, LT M. Viteazu, Cimișlia, Gudumac Zinaida, LT Trinca, Edineț, Chelaru Elena, LT V. Alecsandri, Ungheni, Buțco Vera, LT N. Casso, s. Chișcăreni, Sîngerei, Ciumac Galina,  LT ”N.Milescu-Spătaru” din Chișinău, Ristic Emilia, Liceul AȘM, Chișinău, Pila Victoria, Liceul teoretic ”Prometeu-Prim”, Chișinău, Melinte Iurie, LT ”B.P.Hașdeu”, Drochia, Gîra Rita, LT ”D.Cantemir”, Edineț.

În cadrul evenimentului profesorii au avut posibilitatea să discute cu Dna Corina Lungu, consultant superior, Ministerul Educației subiectul ce ține de ”Inserţia subiectelor din domeniul educaţiei economice în curricula la disciplinele şcolare”.

Elevii au avut parte de o vizită la laASEM, făcînd cunoștință cu Incubatorul de Afaceri și Restaurantul , precum și au vizionat filmul documentar ”Puterea celor fără de putere”, prezentat de OWH  TV Studio.

Dumitru Pisaniuc, elev în clasa a XII-a de la Liceul teoretic ”Prometeu-Prim” din Chișinău, este cîstigătorul Premiului Mare – o bursă în cadrul Academiei de Studii Economice a Moldovei.