13 school companies and mini firms from institutions of pre-university education level, where pupils have additional subject of economical and entrepreneurial education, participed in the International Specialized Exhibition ”INFOINVENT”  on November  26, 2015, at 10 o'clock, at the Moldexpo, c. Chisinau. 

Programs of school companies and mini firms are kind of economical laboratories that offer to participants opportunity to conduct their proper deal, to understand what does the creation, function and success of an comercial society supose.Young people research market, obtain money through selling of actions  and administrate accounting inregistrations of the company.School companies and mini firms are possibility to apply economic and business principles that help to develop organizational spirit, ability to conduct, responsability and teamwork skills.

Participants presented them products at the exhibition and, all by this, had possibility to create partnership with other physical entities or juridical participants, during the event.

Products were from different areas: carpentry, handmade, knitwear, jewelery, fashion design, and military style accessories, paintings and drawings, etc.

INFOINVENT is for intelectual property, creativity and innovativeness; it is organized by AGEPI in partnership with Academy of Science of Moldova, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Moldexpo and Junior Achievement Moldova.

The main intention of this event is to support and to promote creativeness and intelectual property, to highlight protection of intelectual property and to respect its rights, to inform people about negative consiquences of Counterfeiting and Piracy for human health and life and about economical, social and cultural development of our country.

In the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 26 young people from v. Hîrbovăț, d. Anenii Noi, participated in a club of economic discussions with generic "Democracy and Entrepreneurship".

Pupils, aged between 15 and 18, 18 girls and 8 boys, talked about concepts of democracy and entrepreneurship, image of a successful entrepreneur, image of the person that promotes democratic values, symbols, principles of democracy and of entrepreneurial education. At the same time, pupils were motivated by promotion and developing of democratic and entrepreneurial spirit in community to work in groups to analyze efficiently possibilities of proper implication in social projects.

“A person with democratic principles promotes values through free expression, proper opinion, leadership and freedom in actions, tolerance, civic activism, etc.” “An entrepreneur should be, in first order, able to get new information, able to know at the perfection the area where he activates, and, of course, he should be innovative and insistent.”-pupils said.

“Due to this activity, I was motivated even more to follow proposed purposes.”-mentioned on of participants-Eugeniu Jeman. “Today I’ve learnt so much information about initiation and developing of a business, about training of young specialists, about democratic values.”-said another participant-Ana Topciu.

At the final, pupils made conclusion that such activities are so useful because the subjects are presented with different interactive and didactic methods: brainstorming, group work, overall discussions, thematic games.

Club is being organized in the project with the same generic, organized by S.O. Junior Achievement Moldova, with financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova and in partnership with the AGEPI.

Global Entrepreneurship Week – GEW is international event that is being held in the third week of November in 153 countries respectively. In Republic of Moldova GEW took place for a first time in 2013, and there were organized more than 23 activities, in 10 regions, accumulating by this over 1,000 beneficiaries and 21 partners, including:  Embassy of USA in Republic of Moldova, ENTRANCE, Perspective University, ASEM, AGEPI, BLTC, , AO Junior Achievement Moldova, Fresh and Joy, etc.


30 students from the H.S.”D.Cantemir” from the d. Edinet on October 27, 2015, were involved in the seventh of ten economic discussion club organized by Junior Achievement Moldova with the generic “Democracy and Entrepreneurship” and with support of USA Embassy in Moldova.

Pupils, 18 girls and 12 boys, talked about general concepts of Democracy and Entrepreneurship in the special activities like:”Dacă aș fi…aș fi…”, making a portrait of an entrepreneur, description of the person with democratic view, character features of an entrepreneur, teamwork and common discussion.

Participants had interesting discussion with the local entrepreneur Mrs. Svetlana Panciuc who managed to motivate some of them to know more about principles of healthy competition in order to start own business.In the debate students have addressed various questions that havehad referred directly to the entrepreneur:”What are the risks in business development? ”, “What are special features which each entrepreneur should develop?”, “What is the meaning of the entrepreneurs implication in community development?”, ”How did she create a team and does she trust each member of this?” and “What are the steps that each young man should follow to be able to create own business?”.

“Entrepreneur is always informed because he has special purpose and big wish to make it come true by considerable efforts. At the same time entrepreneur can’t exist without creativity and innovativeness – features that distinguish him from ordinary business”, said pupils.

“We are so glad that such activities are held in our locality because pupils have possibility to learn new interesting and useful things through certain activities like discussions with local entrepreneurs, thematic debate, teamwork, etc.”, mentioned participants at the final.



On October 2nd, 20 young people from the d. Leova participated in the sixth  in the project with the same generic, organized by A.O. Junior Achievement, with financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova and in partnership with the AGEPI.

The pupils, aged between 15 and 18 years, 15 girls and 5 boys talked in detail about the concept of democracy and entrepreneurship, about the image of successful entrepreneurs, about the image of the person who promotes democratic values, about stereotypes, symbols and democratic principles and about entrepreneurship education.

“I learned new things about opening a new business, especially by young people, and where can we find support projects in this area”, said one of those present, Maxim Saulenco. “The steps to become a successful leader - that impressed me most at today’ debates. Are the innate qualities enough for that? We should be responsible and creative also, we should be braver and always go forward”, said another participant, Gabriela Badareu.

At the final, organizers and participants mentioned that such kind of activity is very useful because there are discussed different subjects in their complexity, not only theoretically but also practically, by diverse interactive didactic methods: brainstorming, work in group, overall work, games etc.

“We are expecting for more of those activities at the moment with involvement of young people from all Moldavian regions because efficient collaboration leads to success”, summed up participations.

30 pupils, aged between 15 and 18 years old, 24 girls and 6 boys from H.S. "B. Cazacu ",  d. Nisporeni , were gathered at the fifth economic discussion club, entitled "Democracy and Entrepreneurship", held on September, 24.

Participants were familiarized about general concepts, about democracy and entrepreneurship underlying principles, about opportunities and challenges in developing these concepts. The facilitator has proposed some certain themed games, group work, so students have based their knowledge in these areas. Throughout the activity, the students focused on the idea that entrepreneurship is one of the fundamental pillars of democracy, and being an entrepreneur requires a range of knowledge and skills: innovative ideas, hard work, partnerships and collaboration, team spirit, etc. Young people had not only theoretical information, but also certain useful advice offered during a discussion with the local entrepreneur, Valeriu Abajeru, who has business in the construction area in Nisporeni district. He has told young people about how he started his own business, where he started, what are the benefits, opportunities and risks of creating and maintaining a business. Entrepreneur urged young people to be brave, to enter in the business world as soon as it’s possible because any difficulties are good experience, to risk because in other way they won’t achieve success, and the most important phrase was: "The biggest obstacle is human life is human himself when he is afraid of difficulties and he isn’t able to overcome some stereotypes. Work over yourself and your fears and you will achieve success.”

Participants were interested in the proposed theme in the discussion club, they met their expectations to find out more facts about the proposed topics and discussion with Mr. Valeriu Abajeru motivated them even more to know much more about entrepreneurship area.

P.S. Club is being organized in the project with the same generic, organized by A.O. Junior Achievement, with financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova and in partnership with the AGEPI.